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Aodyo Instruments update Anyma Phi firmware

Physical modelling synth gains new sound modules

Aodyo Instruments Anyma hardware physical modelling synthesizer firmware update

Aodyo Instruments have released a firmware update for their Anyma Phi physical modelling synthesizer, delivering a range of new modules that expand its soundset. With the arrival of the latest additions, the instrument now boasts a total of 53 oscillator types, 35 effects and 46 modulator types.

The firmware brings with it two new physical models: Brass and Free Reed, delivering a wider range of real-world sound sources, but also delivers a total of seven new oscillator options. Four of the new arrivals are of a virtual analogue design, with a CS-80-inspired CSAW joined by SAWSQR and CAWCOMB modules, as well as MORPH, which the company say draws its inspiration from the RSF Kobol. Three digital oscillators are also included in the form of FM and SawFM, which deliver a range of FM sounds, and ZPDF, which aims to emulate the sound of Casio’s CZ-series instruments.

There’s also Comb Filter and Filter Bank, a pair of new physical modelling-oriented effects, and Aodyo Instruments have extended the collection of factory presets with a range of new patches that showcase the sonic possibilities of the new modules.


The latest Anyma Phi firmware is available to download now from the Aodyo Instruments website.

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