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Black Stereo Delay2 & Reverb from Erica Synths

Module's powered by new DSP engine

Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay2 Reverb Eurorack modular synth effects modules

Erica Synths have announced the release of two new Eurorack modules, the Black Stereo Delay2 and Black Stereo Reverb. The company say that they decided to develop a pair of dedicated modules rather than adding a multi-effects unit to the range, allowing each of them to offer an extended set of controls over their most important parameters. Both modules utilise the company’s new DSP hardware, whilst the effects have been developed in collaboration with Dutch software company 112dB.

Stereo Delay2

The Black Stereo Delay2 offers Tape and BBD emulations along with a digital delay, with each type equipped with three different modes, and up to ten presets can be stored directly on the module. Dedicated knobs are provided for delay time, feedback, wet/dry mix, tone and stereo spread parameters, and the effects can be synchronised either to an incoming clock signal or a built-in tap tempo switch. The device’s delay time, feedback, tone, mix and preset selection can also be controlled via CV signals.

Stereo Reverb

Sharing the same panel layout as the delay, the Black Stereo Reverb comes loaded with Tape, BBD and ‘dirty BBD’ digital effects, and again provides three options for each: Room, Hall and Cathedral. Hands-on control is offered over room size, feedback, wet/dry mix, tone and stereo spin parameters, and a central button offers a freeze function. Once again, CV inputs offer control over a range of functions including size, feedback, tone, mix and preset selection.

Key Specs - Both Modules

  • CV input range: -5 to +5 V
  • Power consumption: 120mA positive, 39mA negative
  • Module width: 12HP
  • Module depth: 35mm

Pricing & Availability

Both modules are available to pre-order now, each priced at €280. Shipping is expected to commence on 10 October 2023.

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