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API 3122V available now

Preamp sports front/rear input switching, VU meters & more

API 3122V

API have just launched a new 1U, twin-channel mic preamp. The 3122V employs the same 2520 op-amps found in their classic consoles and seminal 312 preamp module, but adds some useful operational extras.

In addition to the expected gain control, each channel features an output level attenuator, allowing you to drive the input stage without clipping your A-D converters. And, in addition to the front-panel combi XLR/jack input, there's an additional XLR input on the rear, selectable via a front-panel switch. So, you can connect two mics, or a microphone and a guitar, say, and switch between them without repatching.

Naturally, the 3122V incorporates all the other expected conveniences too, including a high-pass filter (50Hz), a pad (-20d), 48V phantom power, and polarity inversion. There's also a switchable 3:1 output transformer tap, for the option to saturate the transformer, and finally, each channel also sports an illuminated analogue VU meter, in addition to a separate clip LED.

The API 3122V is available now, and priced at $2195.

API 3122V front panel

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