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API reveal 1608-II Special Edition console

Commemorates 15th anniversary of the 1608

API 1608-II Special Edition vintage-style analogue console 500-series mic preamp EQ DAW automation

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the release of API’s 1608, a versatile mid-sized console which was followed up in 2018 by the 1608-II. To celebrate, the company have announced the release of the 1608-II Special Edition, which boasts a vintage-style cream colour scheme and maple side panels, bolster and meter bridge trim.

The Special Edition features the same configuration as the standard console, with 16 input channels each equipped with a mic preamp and equaliser, four stereo returns, eight multitrack buses, eight auxiliary buses and one master stereo bus. As standard, it comes fitted with 16 548c mic preamps, 12 550A three-band EQs and four 560 graphic EQs, and features eight 500-series slots that allow additional processing modules (but not mic preamps) to be fitted to the stereo return channels.

The console is also equipped with API’s Final Touch Automation system, allowing it to be integrated with a DAW system. It is a self-contained system that doesn’t require an external computer, and can be configured from a built-in touch screen housed next to the master section. Levels of the channel, group and stereo returns and stereo master faders can be automated, along with each channel’s Mute and Insert switches, and the resulting files can be saved to standard memory cards for recall.

“We’re making a limited number of the Special Edition consoles with both a nod to the past, and a view to the future. With hundreds of 1608s installed in facilities around the world, this is a fun way to celebrate how much impact the 1608 continues to have on the industry, and also how API is honoured to play such a major role in audio for the past 55 years.” - Larry Droppa, API President

Pricing & Availability

The 1608-II Special Edition will begin shipping in late September 2023, priced at $68,900.

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