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MPG’s open letter to Apple Music

Request to extend upcoming production credits

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Following the recent news that Apple’s forthcoming iOS 17 update will see basic level production credits added to the Apple Music platform, the MPG (Music Producer’s Guild) have written an open letter to the company to express their gratitude and ask for the feature to be extended to include detailed production credits to all tracks available on the platform.

The letter outlines the MPG’s long-standing campaign to ensure that music is accompanied with accurate credits, ensuring that everyone who contributes to a release receives recognition for their work. It also hopes to offer aspiring engineers, producers and artists a valuable insight into the music industry and increase the awareness of how many roles play a part in the creation of a finished track.

The organisation say that the inclusion of full production credits will also benefit listeners. As fans start to follow the careers of not just the artist themselves, but the also production teams involved with their music, it can lead to them discovering new songs and albums based on the other work carried out by the same producers and mixers.

A full copy of the letter can be found on the MPG website via the link below.

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