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Arturia release Augmented Brass

Blends orchestral brass samples with synthesis

Arturia Augmented Brass orchestral chamber hybrid sample library synthesis virtual instrument

Arturia have announced the launch of the latest addition to their Augmented software instrument line-up, Augmented Brass. Mixing chamber, orchestral and processed brass samples with synthesis, the instrument delivers a wide variety of sounds that range from traditional to experimental, whilst offering fast and intuitive customisation and sound design possibilities thanks to its built-in macros, modulation and performance features.

A variety of orchestral samples are present, from full brass sections to chamber horn and trumpet ensembles, as well as heavily processed sounds intended to sit neatly in modern scores and productions. Sounds can be loaded into two separate layers and mixed together, with each layer also equipped with a synthesis engine that allows the samples to be blended with sounds that range from analogue-style basses to noise-based textures.

The GUI will be a familiar sight to users of the Augmented range’s other offerings, with the main page featuring a large central Morph control surrounded by seven smaller dials which provide quick access to a selection of the instrument’s key parameters. Switching to the Advanced view will reveal a comprehensive set of controls for each layer, offering access to the source samples and synth engine settings, as well as providing in-depth control over parameters such as amplifier and filter envelopes, levels, panning and tuning.

Arturia Augmented Brass Advanced GUI orchestral chamber hybrid sample library synthesis virtual instrumentAugmented Brass' Advanced view offers a more in-depth set of parameters for each layer.

A dedicated section houses a selection of modulation tools including a pair of assignable LFOs which can be used to manipulate parameters in either of the instrument’s layers, whilst rhythmic effects are provided by an arpeggiator equipped with a variety of built-in patterns and sequences. An Effects tab then provides two effects slots per layer, offering a choice of 14 different effects, each of which feature their own independent set of parameters and a wet/dry mix control. Finally, a Macro page allows users to customise the set of controls found in the main display, offering access to their target parameters and defined operation ranges.


Augmented Brass is supported on PCs running Windows 10, and Macs running macOS 10.13 and above. It is available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats and as a standalone application.

Pricing & Availability

Augmented Brass is available now, and is currently (27 April 2023) being offered for an introductory price of €69, reduced from its full cost of €99.

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