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Arturia unveil Polybrute Noir

Limited edition version of flagship polysynth

Arturia PolyBrute Noir limited edition six-voice bi-timbral analogue polysynth

Arturia have announced the release of the PolyBrute Noir, a limited edition version of their flagship polyphonic synthesizer. Sporting a stylish new black finish along with redesigned knobs, the Noir gives users a chance to get their hands on a unique and rare version of one of the company’s most innovative analogue instruments to date.

The Arturia PolyBrute is a six-voice bi-timbral polysynth that boasts a pair of VCOs per voice, along with two VCFs, built-in digital effects, three digital LFOs and digital contour generators per voice, an on-board arpeggiator and polyphonic sequencer, and much more. For all of the details, take a look at our in-depth review of the original instrument from the October 2020 issue of SOS.

Pricing & Availability

The PolyBrute Noir is available now, priced at €2699.

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