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Arturia V Collection 9 is here!

Virtual instrument bundle gains four new instruments

Arturia V Collection 9 software instrument bundle

Arturia have announced the release of V collection 9, a major update to their premium software instrument suite. Their most expansive and feature-packed collection yet, V Collection 9 now boasts 32 instruments and comes equipped with 14,000 presets catering for every style of music, available both as DAW plug-ins and standalone instruments.

New to V Collection 9

KORG MS-20 V - Primal black monolith, with an elemental analog sound and a semi-modular architecture, reawakened.

SQ80 V - Hybrid lo-fi crosswave synth fusing thousands of digital waveforms combinations with crunchy analog filters.

Augmented STRINGS - Innovative instrument combining sampled strings with state-of-the-art synthesis and deep morphing controls.

Augmented VOICES - Blending the human voice with multiple synth engines and expressive controls for evocative hybrid sound.

4 Rebuilt Instruments - CS-80 V, Prophet-5 V, Prophet-VS V, and Piano V have been completely rebuilt from scratch, with brand new sound engines, updated features, and enhanced production capabilities.

14 exclusive sound banks - An exclusively-crafted selection of presets demonstrating the sonic prowess of each of V Collection 9’s new titles.

Introductory pricing is being offered for all users until June 5th 2022, with details to be found in their accounts over at Arturia’s website.

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