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Tracktion Corporation release Chop Suey

Dedicated kick drum design plug-in

Tracktion Corporation Chop Suey kick drum plug-in

Software instrument designers Tracktion Corporation have released Chop Suey, a new plug-in dedicated to designing kick drum sounds. The result of a collaboration between Peter V (aka Dawesome) and German techno artist Björn Torwellen, this new plug-in takes Björn’s approach to crafting kick sounds and packages it into a simple, intuitive interface.

Chop Suey allows users to combine elements from different kick sounds, but takes the approach of sequencing rather than layering them, helping to avoid the problems that can occur when stacking sounds on top of each other. Sounds are split up visually into three sections, Transient, Body and Tail, with the user able to shape and edit each one individually without affecting the others. The built-in filter has been designed specifically for the task at hand, featuring an extremely fast reaction time to avoid introducing any artefacts, even with rapid changes to cutoff or resonance controls.

Chop Suey is available now for an introductory price of $58 until 22nd May 2022, after which it will be priced at $89.

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