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Lehle introduces Mono Volume S

Compact version of Mono Volume 90 volume pedal

Lehle Mono Volume S pedal

Lehle have released the Mono Volume S, a compact version of their Mono Volume 90 volume pedal which reduces the size of the original by 35%, whilst dropping 50% of the weight. Featuring the same magnetic sensor technology as their other volume pedal offerings, the Mono Volume S has no mechanical potentiometer in the signal path, instead employing a sensor to read the pedal position whilst passing information on to a VCA to take care of the output level.

The pedal is active, accepting a DC power input between 9V and 15V, which is then stepped-up internally to 30V. Lehle claim that this allows the pedal to achieve a dynamic range measurement of 120dB. The Mono Volume S’ preamp also features a discrete Class-A input stage. In addition to the main input and output, a second buffered output allows connection to a tuner, or a second amplifier. Finally, a USB-C socket provides users with the ability to calibrate, program and update the pedal, as well as transmitting pedal position information as MIDI data.

An adjustment screw allow users to change the tension of the pedal to suit their preference, and an additional press of the pedal once it reaches the toe position engages a boost circuit, which provides up to 12dB of additional gain at the outputs.

The Mono Volume S is available now, priced at $279.99229 Euros.

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