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Auralex launch Fusion24 acoustic panel range

Turn ProPanels into combined absorber/diffusers

Auralex Acoustics Fusion24 diffuser absorber recording mixing studio acoustic treatment panel

Auralex Acoustics have announced the launch of a new range of acoustic panel facias that can be used to turn their existing absorbers into dual-purpose absorption/diffusion units. Those who already own compatible panels can purchase Fusion24 as an add-on to their existing setup, or they can be purchased alongside the company’s ProPanel offerings.

The new panels combine absorption materials and diffuser patterns into a single panel, making it possible to address reflection issues while introducing some diffusion to avoid over-attenuating high frequencies — the company recommend pairing the Fusion24 with their two-inch-thick wall panels. Although the panels have been carefully designed to offer specific diffusion and absorption characteristics, Auralex have taken care to ensure that they look the part too, and are offering a choice of seven designs (Stasis, Reflection, Cosmos, Arecibo, Rain, Circuit and Breath) and three colour finish options (two-sided ash/pear wood and one-sided black or white).

They can be purchased individually, allowing users to add the facias to as many of their panels as their room requires.

Pricing & Availability

The new Fusion24 range is available to order now, with panels priced between $89.99 and $109.99.

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