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GC Audio unveil Inherit Bank

Company expand modular outboard series

GC Audio Inherit Bank modular analogue preamp compressor EQ studio outboard

GC Audio’s Inherit system offers a neat way of switching between preamp designs, allowing users to quickly audition different models without needing to re-patch mic or patchbay cables. The range currently consists of the Inherit Rack, a 2U host chassis, and a collection of Inherit Cartridges which house a variety of analogue preamp circuits. We put the system to the test in SOS February 2024, and you can check out our review here to find out more (print / web / app / replica / PDF editions).

The company have announced plans to expand the current system with the Inherit Bank, an additional rack chassis that will serve as an expansion unit for the Inherit Rack, adding an additional four cartridge slots and making it even easier to audition different tonal options. The system launched with a collection of mic preamp cartridges and the promise that other processors would soon join the range, and alongside the news of the Inherit Bank, GC Audio have said that they will soon release a demo video showing off some new compressor and EQ cartridges.

The system connects to the Inherit Rack with a single DB25 cable, and offers two modes of operation: Default and Serial. Using the former, users can quickly insert any of the four cartridges into the signal path of the Inherit Rack by pressing its corresponding front-panel button, while the latter allows modules to be connected to each other in series to create a custom, modular channel strip.

Pricing & Availability

Inherit Bank will be priced at $999, with an exact launch date yet to be confirmed.

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