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GC Audio announce Analog Riser

Hardware unit combines EQ, dynamics & saturation

GC Audio Analog Riser hardware mixing mastering EQ compressor limiter harmonic saturator valve tube

GC Audio have announced the launch of Analog Riser, a new hardware processor aimed at mixing and mastering applications. Capable of operating as a dual mono, stereo, or mid-side processor, the sizeable unit houses two channels of EQ, compression, saturation and limiting.

The Analog Riser’s EQ section is equipped with three bands that offer ±12dB of gain and a variable Q, along with 12dB/octave low- and high-pass filters with settings that range from 20 to 300 Hz, and 250Hz to 20kHz respectively. The compressor stages then offer 12 ratio options ranging from 1.5 to 10:1, with a threshold adjustment range of -30 to +10 dB. Attack time settings between 0.5 to 300 ms are provided, whilst release time options range from 1.5ms to 1.5 seconds, and there is also an Auto setting which will automatically adjust both times in response to the input signal. Soft and hard knee options are provided, and the section is equipped with a final ±20dB gain control.

The following section allows users to introduce some analogue saturation to their input sources. The first pair of parameters control how much harmonic content is generated by the section, whilst the second provides a blend control, allowing the effect to be mixed in with the existing signal. Those looking for yet more ‘colour’ can rely on the next control, which can be used to drive four 12AY7 valves with up to 20dB of gain. Finally, a limiter with 12 steps ranging from +6 to -5 dBu can be engaged to keep the overall output level under control. The section features a fixed, ultra-quick attack time, and release settings that range from 10ms to 1.5 seconds.

GC Audio say that around 40 relays are used in the device, with no signal passing through any of the controls on the front panel. Along with the valves used in the saturation section, the Analog Riser also employs four VCAs, four Lundahl transformers, and other high-quality components including Grayhill switches and IP knobs.

Two versions of the unit are available, a standard model which features stepped controls for the compressor’s ratio, and the limiter’s threshold and release controls, along with a mastering version that employs stepped switches for all controls.

Pricing & Availability

Analog Riser is available to order now, with the standard version priced at €6960.

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