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Monoprice launch 1073-style preamp

Utilises discrete components throughout

Monoprice Stage Right Studio 2-Channel Classic affordable 1073 style Microphone Preamp

The latest addition to Monoprice’s Stage Right product range aims to provide the classic Neve 1073 sound at a surprisingly affordable price point. The SR Studio 2-Channel Classic Microphone Preamp features a pair of 1073-style preamp circuits, and promises to deliver the ‘warm’ and ‘punchy’ characteristics that made the original design so popular.

Each of the device’s channels is capable of accepting microphone, line-level or instrument sources, and is capable of delivering up to 80dB of gain, allowing it to easily handle microphones with lower output levels and quiet sound sources. As you’d expect, phantom power is switchable on a per-channel basis, and each channel is also equipped with a polarity switch, as well as an Output level control, allowing users to maintain a sensible gain structure if driving the input section for effect.

Monoprice SR Studio 2-Channel Classic Microphone Preamp 1073 discrete componentsThe unit uses discrete components throughout its signal path.Transformers are used at both the input and output stages, and the unit employs discrete components throughout its signal path. Despite the unit’s cost, it is said to offer impressive technical performance, with the company specifying a frequency response that remains within ±0.5dB between 20Hz and 20kHz, and a signal‑to‑noise ratio of >90dB (A‑Weighted 20Hz to 20kHz).

Inputs for both channels are provided on XLR/TRS combo sockets, whilst their outputs are offered on separate XLR and TRS sockets. Instrument sources can be connected via a pair of quarter-inch TS sockets on the front panel, and selected using a DI switch. The unit requires 24V AC power, which is delivered by an external PSU.

Pricing & Availability

The SR Studio 2-Channel Classic Microphone Preamp is priced at $599.99, with exact shipping dates yet to be confirmed.

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