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Austrian Audio launch MiCreator range

New expandable USB mic system announced

Austrian Audio MiCreator Studio Satellite Y-Lav USB microphone audio interface stereo recording lavalier

Austrian Audio’s latest offerings see the company make their renowned microphone designs available to those looking for simple, all-in-one recording solutions. The new range consists of the MiCreator Studio, a compact USB mic that can either be used independently, or paired with the MiCreator Satellite or MiCreator Y-Lav to capture two sources or allow for stereo recordings.

Housed in a rugged metal body, the MiCreator Studio pairs a custom capacitor capsule that utilises the company’s Open Acoustic Technology with a plug-and-play USB audio interface. A FlexTilt mechanism offers vertical adjustment of the capsule to assist with positioning, and the mic is capable of handling SPLs of up to 130dB. There are a pair of mini-jack sockets, one of which offers a headphone output for direct monitoring purposes, whilst the second can either act as a second headphone output, or accept an additional input from an instrument or other MiCreator devices.

In terms of onboard control, High and Low gain switches are provided for both the built-in microphone and additional inputs, and the former also features a Mute setting. There is also a rotary knob which controls the level of the headphone output. The look of the device can also be customised with different colour finishes thanks to removable faceplates.

Austrian Audio MiCreator Satellite Y-LavThe MiCreator Satellite & Y-Lav can be connected directly to the Studio model.The MiCreator Satellite features the same capsule and FlexTilt mount, and can be connected directly to the Studio to capture stereo recordings or track two different sound sources. The Y-Lav then allows users to expand their system with a lavalier mic, offering an ideal solution for capturing interviews, for example. Helpfully, as well as extending the system’s input count, both the Satellite Y-Lav are also equipped with their own headphone outputs.

The company are also offering the MiCreator System Set, which bundles a MiCreator Studio and Satellite with a range of handy accessories. The set comes supplied in a custom case containing a pair of face plates for each mic, a MiniBar stereo bar and all of the necessary cables.

The MiCreator also comes bundled with Steinberg's Cubase LE and WaveLab Cast software packages.

Pricing & Availability

The MiCreator range is available now, with pricing as follows:

  • MiCreator Studio: $199£179 including VAT / €199
  • MiCreator System Set: $299£269 including VAT / €299
  • MiCreator Satellite:  $99£89 including VAT / €99
  • MiCreator Y-Lav:  $49£49 including VAT / €49

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