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Berklee EDI Summit 2023

Successful second annual event

Berklee College of Music EDI Summit Electronic Digital Instrument educational eventPhoto: Michael D Spencer

Berklee College of Music have just wrapped up their second annual Electronic Digital Instrument Summit, which brought together artists, performers, manufacturer and educators involved the electronic music community for a three-day event hosted at the institution’s Boston campus.

The theme of this year’s event was Electronic Music in Performance, with the Summit aiming to highlight the leading-edge techniques, instruments, software and hardware contemporary musicians to create unique and evocative experiences both for live events, and in the recording studio.

Laura Escudé EDI Summit keynote presentationPerformer, producer and educator Laura Escudé delivered a presentation at the event.Photo: Berklee College of MusicKeynote presenters included Laura Escudé, a renowned performer, producer and educator who has designed and programmed live shows for acts such as Jay-Z, Herbie Hancock and Porter Robinson, and Brian Crabtree, co-founder of Monome, a company that designs and manufactures unique and flexible hardware devices that have found their way into the rigs of deadmau5, James Holden, Nine Inch Nails, Imogen Heap and many more.

In addition to the presentations, a number of performances, demonstrations, panel discussions product showcases and educational round tables with a number of forward-thinking industry leaders including Thierry Angers, Head of Music at Cirque du Soleil, and Anna Houmann, who led a group from the Malmö Academy of Music at Lund University in Sweden.

Berklee College of Music EDI Summit speakersMichele Darling, Assistant Chair of Berklee College of Music's Electronic Production and Design Department speaks at the EDI Summit.Photo: Michael D Spencer

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