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Samplicity update Berlin Studio reverb

Performance improvements for convolution reverb plug-in

Samplicity Berlin Studio convolution reverb Teldex orchestral mockups

Samplicity have released version 1.2 of their Berlin Studio reverb plug-in, which now benefits from significant performance improvements thanks to the addition of multi-threaded processing capabilities.

Berlin Studio is a convolution-based reverb plug-in which captures the acoustics of Berlin’s famous Teldex studio from 18 different locations in the live room, allowing users to position tracks in their DAW at specific places and have the plug-in emulate the acoustic response of the real room. The source positions follow the layout of a typical orchestral recording session, and are displayed visually on a diagram within the GUI, which also provides an indication of the microphone positions used for capture.

Three microphone signals are provided: Decca Tree, A-B Pair and Surround, each of which are presented in their own dedicated mixer channels with independent control over parameters such as level, pre-delay, early reflections and decay. A four-band EQ is also present on every channel, along with a mid-side width control. The plug-in also offers time-alignment capabilities for the microphone and source signals, allowing users to remove perceivable separate attacks from the source signal and soften their transients.


Berlin Studio is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and both Intel and Apple Silicon-based Macs (no minimum OS requirement is specified). VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available.

An iLok 2/3 dongle or iLok Cloud account is required for authorisation, and the plug-in can be used on up to three computers at once (a six-activation version is also available). For those wishing to try Berlin Studio out before purchasing, the company offer a 14-day trial version.

Pricing & Availability

Berlin Studio is available now, priced at €169.

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