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Decyne4 Precyne 1.2 update

Hardware-focused DAW gains powerful new sampler

Decyne4 Precyne 1.2 hardware studio MIDI sequencer tracker SysEx MIDI Clock sampler software

Decyne4 have released an update for Precyne, an innovative DAW environment which has been designed from the ground up to integrate with hardware synthesizers, drum machines, grooveboxes, samplers and effects units. It combines tracker-style sequencing with some modern tools such as a linear timeline view and a MIDI clip launcher, and the latest update brings with it a range of new features including a powerful sampler and some enhanced audio recording capabilities.

Decyne4 Precyne Sampler envelope LFO filters Precyne's new sampler is equipped with some powerful sound-shaping tools, and is capable of recording and playing at the same time.The headline feature of the update is the inclusion of the new sampler, which has been designed to allow users to quickly and easily capture their own samples from audio sources within the software. Capturing a new sample is as simple as assigning an audio source and hitting a prominent record button, with a range of onboard filters, envelopes and LFOs allowing the sound to be processed further from within the sampler itself.

Three multi-mode filters are present, two of which are analogue-modelled, along with four envelopes and four LFOs with speeds that run up into audio rates. The LFOs can be separately synchronised to a song’s play position, or set to restart when notes are triggered, and MIDI clips can be used to modulate most of the sampler’s parameters. It is also possible to play and record audio at the same time, allowing the sampler to quickly bounce audio through external gear, or capture its own performance for further processing.

Another new addition in version 1.2 is the ability to capture audio files. A new record arm function has been added to the software’s audio tracks, making it possible to write incoming audio to a file whilst playing and trying out ideas in order to listen back later on.

Check out the video below for an overview of Precyne's features.


Precyne 1.2 is support on PCs running Windows 7 and above. A Mac version is now available as an open beta, and is compatible with machines running macOS 10.14 or later.

Pricing & Availability

Precyne 1.2 is available now, priced at $23.

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