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Bitwig Studio 5 now available

Two new versions of DAW also announced

Bitwig Studio 5 Essentials Producer modular DAW electronic music

Bitwig have announced that the latest version of their innovative DAW, Bitwig Studio 5, is now available. The update includes a range of new features including five new Multi-Segment Envelope Generators (MSEGs), new Clip Launcher capabilities and upgrades to the entire modulation system. The update also comes with a new Sound Package, and a demo song that highlights the key features introduced by version 5.


Bitwig Studio’s MSEGs allow users to draw custom signals that can be used as envelopes, automation shapes, looping patterns, oscillator curves, sequencers, waveshapers and more. All five can be used as modules within the softwares Grid system, two can also function as modulators, and each of them have been optimised to allow them to carry out particular tasks.

Bitwig Studio 5 MSEG Curves Multi-Segment Envelope GeneratorCurves is one of the five new Multi-Segment Envelope Generators introduced in the latest version of Bitwig.The first MSEG, Segments, can be used as a Grid or Polymer module, or a modulator that controls any parameter, and features One-shot, Hold, Looping and Ping Pong playing modes. Curves then acts as an LFO modulator and Grid module which is capable of syncing to a time or groove, and Scrawl allows users to draw their own oscillator shape in the Grid or Polymer. Slopes functions as a pattern sequencer in The Grid, and lastly, Transfer provides users with a waveshaper capable of transforming incoming audio or other signals in The Grid.

Modulation For All

Bitwig’s modulation system allows any control source — including audio and CV signals — to be used to control any device or plug-in. With this latest update, their behaviour has been extended to the software’s mixer and project controls. This means that it is now possible for LFOs to modulate a track’s panning, sends and other parameters, or even to add modulation to entire channel strips and transport targets.

Bitwig Studio 5 project mixer transport modulationModulation in Bitwig Studio 5 now stretches outside of devices and plug-ins, with users able to assign modulators to the DAW's mixer functions and more.

Clip Launcher

Those who use Bitwig in their live performances can take advantage from a number of updates to the Clip Launcher. It is now possible to set Next Actions to occur when a key or pad is released in addition to when it is launched, whilst ALT triggers offer a section option for activating scenes or clips. This provides performers with more ways to change how their set unfolds as they play, by tapping a clip to launch it at the next bar line, or using the ALT trigger function to immediately swap it for a new clip, for example.

Browser Updates

The softwares browser system has been overhauled in order to offer a more streamlined experience and provide a more visual way to access content. Search results for plug-ins, presets, wavetables and more now all live in a single place, and customisable shortcuts allow users to quickly access their favourite content.

Watch our NAMM Show 2023 demo video for Bitwig Studio 5:

Two New Editions

Alongside the release of the latest version of Bitwig Studio, the company have also announced that two new versions of the DAW are now available, each bringing a curated set of the software’s features at lower price points. Bitwig Studio Essentials provides an entry-level version of the DAW equipped with 40 instruments, audio and note effects, as well as a library of sounds loops and presets and a basic modulation system with 10 modulators. Bitwig Studio Producer then increases the count of instruments, audio and note effects to 92, as well as a more advanced modulation system with 18 modulators and an extended loops, sounds and presets library.


Bitwig Studio 5 is supported on PCs running Windows 7 and above, Macs running macOS 10.14 and higher, and Linux systems on Ubuntu 20.04 or later, or any modern distribution with Flatpak installed.

Pricing & Availability

Bitwig Studio 5 is available now, and is a free upgrade for existing users with a Bitwig Studio licence and active Upgrade Plan. Those wishing to purchase the DAW can currently take advantage of the company’s Summer Sale, which is offering the following discounted prices:

  • Bitwig Studio Essentials: $79 (usually $99)
  • Bitwig Studio Producer: $149 (usually $199)
  • Bitwig Studio: $299 (usually $399)

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