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Beatalogue sample library launched

Musician and sound-mangler Ian Boddy has just released a new electronic-drum sample library. Beatalogue is a collection of percussion samples that have apparently been heavily processed using Ian’s impressive collection of synth modules, which includes modules from Analogue Systems, Metasonix, Roland, Moog and Doepfer, among others.

Beatalogue, which joins such other sample libraries as Drumalogue in Boddy’s Waveforms range of libraries (which you can read more about at, comprises 300 mono samples, all in 24-bit/44.1kHz uncompressed WAV, though they are also supplied in REX 2 and Apple Loops formats to help you start using them straight away.

Available to buy through Time + Space, Beatalogue will set you back £24.99 including VAT.…

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