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JZ Microphones V67

Dual-diaphragm cardioid mic

Latvian microphone makers JZ have just announced a new addition to their Vintage range of microphones. The V67 features the same innovative design as its Vintage-series stablemate, the V47, including the integrated swivelling shockmount system, and JZ say that the capsule used is based on that of the Neumann U67.

The V67 is far from a clone, however: the mic’s electronics are all solid-state, where the Neumann’s was valve-based, and while the U67 could be switched between three polar patterns, JZ’s new mic is cardioid-only.

The cardioid capsule uses a dual-diaphragm design, and both diaphragms have been gold-sputtered using a JZ-patented process. The advantage to using two diaphragms to produce a cardioid pattern, rather than just one, is that the presence of a rear-facing diaphragm means that, for close sources, the microphone behaves more like an omni mic, thus reducing the proximity effect. This, in theory, should make the V69 useful for recording vocals, as the bass response will remain relatively constant even if the singer moves while performing.

As with all microphones in JZ's Vintage range, the V67 comes with a five-year warranty. Pricing details will follow shortly.

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