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Boiler Room & NI to explore production and performance techniques

New series to feature Benji B, Francois K & Greg Wilson

Boiler Room and Native Instruments are joining forces to explore creative techniques that have inspired what electronic music is today.

Teaming up with some of the most influential and innovative artists alongside cultural commentators, Boiler Room and Native Instruments will explore the past, present, and future of artistic workflows, and how technology can inspire musical genres, scenes and cultures. Expect a series of insightful events, feature articles, performances, mixes, and documentaries along the way.

To kick off the series, Boiler Room and Native Instruments are delving into the depths of remixing, re-arranging, and re-editing for the first topic: 'Credit to the Edit'.

Edit culture is very much ingrained into the DNA of dance music. Together they will bring New York veteran Francois K, London's prime tastemaker Benji B, and DJ and journalist Greg Wilson to look at the history and technological innovation behind editing and remixing. Topics will range from the early days of the 12" extended disco edit, through to new tools like the open Stems* format, which is modernizing the age-old excitement of breathing new life into existing works. The panel will be live streamed to Boiler Room's online audience from the ICA in London, along with a showcase performance by Berlin bass ambassador Sarah Farina.

Viewers are encouraged to get involved by asking questions on BR's designated chat room and via social media.

For fans of dance culture, this is one that cannot be missed!

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