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Boss unveil Gigcaster streaming mixer/interfaces

Aimed at online audio & video content creators

Boss Gigcaster 5 8 audio streaming podcasting content creation mixer USB interface

Boss have announced the upcoming release of the Gigcaster 5 and Gigcaster 8, a pair of new audio streaming mixers aimed at musicians creating online audio and video content. Both models feature a built-in USB audio interface which can be used by a DAW or streaming software, as well as boasting direct integration with popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitch.

Both versions are equipped with a colour touchscreen that provides visual metering facilities along with control over audio processing parameters and routing, and plenty of hands-on control is also available thanks to physical faders, encoders and buttons.

Microphone, line-level and instrument sources can be connected directly, with the onboard preamps capable of supplying phantom power and providing up to 70dB of gain. A wide range of processing and effects are on offer, ranging from compression, delay, reverb and pitch-correction through to guitar and bass-focused amp and effects models derived from the company’s flagship GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor.

Both devices use 32-bit floating point processing throughout, and operate at a fixed sample rate of 48kHz.

Gigcaster 8

Boss Gigcaster 8 audio streaming podcasting content creation mixer USB interfaceBoss Gigcaster 8The larger of the two mixers, the Gigcaster 8, is an eight-channel device that features a 20-in/14-out USB audio interface, and also supports onboard multi-track recording to a microSD card. The rear panel houses four XLR/TRS combo input sockets, along with a stereo line-level output on a pair of quarter-inch TRS connectors. Dedicated instrument and stereo line-level inputs are also provided on the front panel, with the former utilising a quarter-inch TS socket, and the latter employing a 3.5mm mini-jack.

Wireless audio connectivity is also provided, with a Bluetooth channel present to facilitate streaming from mobile devices, and the Gigcaster 8 features a built-in stereo microphone in addition to its I/O connections.

A total of four headphone outputs are available, all of which use 3.5mm mini-jack connectors, with the first placed on the front panel and the remaining three housed on the rear of the device. Each of the outputs boasts its own EQ and can be controlled by dedicated volume controls, which are placed on the front panel of the mixer to the right of the touchscreen.

The Gigcaster 8 is equipped with nine faders, each with their own mute and cue mix buttons, and there are also eight pads which can be programmed to trigger sounds and control effects. The device also allows users to connect a footswitch or expression pedal for further hands-free control over a range of functions.

Gigcaster 5

Boss Gigcaster 5 audio streaming podcasting content creation mixer USB interfaceBoss Gigcaster 5As its name suggests, the smaller Gigcaster 5 is a five-channel mixer, and includes a 16-in/12-out USB audio interface. Equipped with two XLR inputs, and stereo line-level inputs and outputs, the device offers much of the functionality of its larger sibling with a reduced footprint and channel count.

Two headphone outputs are provided on 3.5mm mini-jacks, and share the same EQ and hardware level control features of the Gigcaster 8.

Although the smaller size means the hardware pads are not present, users are still able to trigger sounds and control effects thanks to the inclusion of virtual pads which utilise the device’s touchscreen.

Pricing & Availability

The new mixers will be available in May 2023. The Gigcaster 5 will be priced at $479, and the Gigcaster 8 will cost $699.

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