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Buchla 200 Series returns!

Classic synth modules in Eurorack format

Buchla 200t

Buchla USA, the company founded by synth pioneer Don Buchla, have teamed up with module-makers Tiptop Audio to revive the legendary Buchla 200 Series synthesizer in the ubiquitous Eurorack format.

Branded the 200t, this new iteration of Don Buchla's iconic West Coast style of synthesis will apparently remain 100 percent faithful to Don's original designs and circuitry, and though production has apparently been delayed by a combination of worldwide pandemic and electronic component shortages, Buchla and Tiptop say they expect the first set of modules to become available by the end of the year.

To find out what made Don Buchla's 200 Series so special, check out our in-depth two-part series here.

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