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BXx2 & Stereo Sum modules from ALM / Busy Circuits

Latest Eurorack modules now available

ALM Busy Circuits BXx2 Stereo Sum Eurorack preamp EQ stereo summing mixer

ALM / Busy Circuits have announced that the two new Eurorack modules revealed at their recent pop-up shop in London, the BXx2 and Stereo Sum, are now officially available. The former is a dual-channel preamp, EQ and mixer based on a Boss BX series mixer, and the latter is a summing mixer with four stereo inputs and a pair of stereo outputs.


Each of BXx2’s channels features an input gain and output level control, allowing the input stage to be overdriven in order to produce the saturated sound the BX mixers became known for whilst still maintaining a sensible output level. Some tonal shaping options are provided by high- and low-shelf EQs, and an additional signal can be introduced thanks to an Aux patch point on each channel.

Despite its simplicity, the BXx2 is said to provide some powerful sound-shaping options and is capable of adding some warmth and colour to anything patched through it. The unit has been designed in collaboration with Feedback Modules, and is based on their single-channel PRE BX module, and will produced in a limited run of just 300 units. The module occupies 8HP of space.

Stereo Sum

As its name suggests, Stereo Sum is a summing mixer that features four stereo inputs, and two stereo outputs. It is a unity gain mixer, so no level controls are present, and it can either sum two pairs of signals into two independent outputs, or will combine all four inputs into a single stereo output if the top output is left un-patched.

Stereo or mono input signals are accepted — the module will normal the latter to both outputs — and as Stereo Sum is DC-coupled, it can be used to sum both audio and CV signals. ALM / Busy Circuits say that the module is ideal for combining the outputs of multiple stereo sources such as their Mega-Tang and Jumble Henge mixers, or handling multiple returns from the likes of the MFX effects processing module. Stereo Sum is a 4HP module.

Pricing & Availability

Both modules are available now, with BXx2 priced at $189£170.99, and Stereo Sum at $85£78.50.

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