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C-Thru Music Axis 49 now shipping

Harmonic table MIDI controller
The C-Thru Music Axis 49 MIDI controller is now available, having been unveiled in June 2008. Like its older brother the Axis 64, the Axis 49 uses an array of hexagonal keys arranged in accordance to the harmonic table instead of piano keys. These buttons are assigned so that different shapes trigger different types of chord (major and minor triads, for example), no matter where on the grid you play them.
Unlike the Axis 64, the new model has no screen or modulation/pitch-bend wheels, and it’s much smaller: perfect for use on the road. At the time of writing, C-Thru Music were selling the Axis 49 at a discounted rate of £443 including VAT, customs charges and delivery.
For current pricing information, visit the C-Thru Music web site.

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