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Cherry Audio recreate the Polymoog

Polymode models the original with added enhancements

Cherry Audio Polymode

In 1975, Moog released their hugely ambitious Polymoog — arguably the world's first polyphonic synthesizer (unless you're arguing with Gordon Reid, who wrote extensively on the matter in our 1998 Polymoog retrospective).

Polyphonic or otherwise, the Polymoog is a legend — and it's just been given the soft-synth emulation treatment, by virtual instrument makers Cherry Audio. Their new Polymode synth (available in AU, VST, VST3, AAX and standalone versions) claims to accurately recreate the sound of Moog's opus, but with added flexibility, enhanced usability and — of course — no maintenance issues.

Among the enhancements to the original synth are optional steeper filter slopes for the Polymoog's three-band Resonator section, a new Notch mode for the resonators, and a dedicated LFO to modulate the Resonators with. Indeed, modulation has been enhanced throughout, with an extensive mod matrix, with which you can modulate all of Polymode's slider-controlled attributes. The matrix sports two extra assignable LFOs, plus VCF and amp envelopes, and to the original's oscillators Cherry Audio have added both white and pink noise sources.

Out of the box, Polymode will ship with over 150 presets, many of which are designed to emulate specific classic sounds (Gary Numan's 'Vox Humana' patch is cited specifically). Polymode is available to buy now from the Cherry Audio online shop, for the special introductory price of just $29 (standard price $49). Watch Cherry Audio's introductory video below to hear it in action.

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