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Connect 2 interface from Lewitt

Equipped with a range of automatic setup tools

Lewitt Connect 2 compact desktop 2-in 2-out audio interface automatic gain setting

Lewitt have built up a solid reputation with their wide range of microphones, and in 2023 they added an audio interfaces to their line-up in the form of the Connect 6. They’ve now introduced a second model, the Connect 2, which combines a touch-based interface with an array of onboard processing and a collection of automatic setup features that promise to make it the most user-friendly interface available. 


As its name suggests, the Connect 2 is equipped with a pair of inputs, the first of which is presented on an XLR and will accept mic signals, offering up to 76dB of gain and equipped with switchable phantom power, while the second is a dedicated Hi-Z input designed to work with a wide range of guitar pickups from vintage single-coils to modern active humbuckers. As for outputs, stereo line-level quarter-inch connections are joined by a headphone output which is present on both quarter-inch and 3.5mm TRS sockets — there’s also a switchable high-impedance mode that makes sure there’s plenty of power on offer for more demanding headphones. 

Touch Control

Top-panel controls are provided for hands-on access to all of the Connect 2’s important features, including mute functions for all of the inputs and outputs, and a capacitive touch-wheel offers precise control over input, headphone and monitor levels. An Autosetup function in the interface’s companion software guides users through a process that helps to dial in the best possible settings, employing built-in Autogain, Clipguard, Denoiser and Compressor processors, which help to set the appropriate signal level while avoiding distortion and tackling unwanted background noise. 

Loopback & Software

The physical I/O is joined by a loopback channel which can be used to capture and route computer audio playback. It runs on the interface’s own DSP rather than the host computer/device, and offers a simple way to incorporate system audio into the likes of podcasts and live streams. 

In addition to Control Centre, which provides control over all of the Connect 2’s controls and routing, the interface also comes supplied with licenses for Steinberg’s Cubase LE and Cubasis LE, offering an all-in-one recording package compatible with Mac, PC and iOS devices. Users are even able to customise the appearance of the interface thanks to multi-colour LEDs, which allow the metering, gain reduction indicator and channel icons on the Connect 2’s top panel to be matched to the rest of their setup! 

Pricing & Availability

The Connect 2 is available now, priced at $199£169 including VAT / €199.

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