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MTP W950 handheld mic from Lewitt

Latest handheld capacitor microphone announced

Lewitt MTP W950 handheld capacitor true condenser live vocal microphone

Lewitt have announced the upcoming release of the MTP W950, a modular handheld capacitor microphone that can be used in both wired or wireless configurations. Designed to offer an extremely clear sound whilst keeping handling noise and plosives to a minimum, the MTP W950 promises to become "the ultimate live microphone for both performers and engineers alike".

The microphone is based around a one-inch W9 capsule, which is of a true capacitor design and features dual layer protection which the company say helps to eliminate wind noise, as well as reducing plosives without the need for a pop filter and offering protection against moisture. Switchable cardioid and supercardioid polar patterns are available, and Lewitt say that the MTP W950 is capable of delivering rear rejection figures of up to 90%.

The capsule can be detached simply by unscrewing it from the microphone’s body, and is fully compatible with wireless transmitter solutions from the likes of Lectrasonics, Sony, Shure (except for BLX and GLX-D Series), Line6 and Mipro ACT Series. Sennheiser’s wireless handheld transmitters are also compatible with the addition of Ambient’s HHA Adapter.

With the capsule detached from the body, users are also able to access switches that provide access to the two different polar patterns, along with a 12dB pad and a 120Hz high-pass filter.

In terms of specifications, the MTP W950 boasts a self-noise figure of 21dB (A-weighted), a signal-to-noise ratio of 73dB (A-weighted), and a sensitivity figure of 8.1 mV/Pa. Being a capacitor design, the microphone requires phantom power, and Lewitt specify the device’s current consumption as 7.5mA. A  range of frequency response graphs for both cardioid and supercardioid patterns, along with polar graph plots at a range of frequencies, are available on the Lewitt Audio website.

Pricing & Availability

The MTP W950 will be available from 8 March 2023, priced at $799£689 including VAT / €799, whilst the W9 capsule will cost $649£559 including VAT / €649.

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