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New Shure GLX-D+ wireless systems

Improved digital wireless systems now available

Shure GLX-D+ digital dual band wireless handheld lavalier microphone guitar system

Shure have announced the release of the GLX-D+ series, a range of new and improved dual-band digital wireless systems designed to meet the needs of musicians and presenters. The range contains a variety of system configurations, with receivers available in rackmount, tabletop and guitar pedal formats, whilst transmitters are provided in a wide range of lavalier, headset and handheld microphone options.

Shure say that the major benefit over the previous GLX-D devices is the inclusion of their Dual Band Wireless Technology, which allows the devices to operate in both the licence-free 2.4 and  5.8 GHz bands, and to automatically switch between the two to ensure the systems maintain the best performance whilst avoiding interference at all times.

Battery life has also seen an improvement, with the series’ rechargeable batteries now offering up to 12 hours of runtime whist quick charge capabilities allow the devices to offer 1.5 hours use after 15 minutes of charging. The included batteries can be attached directly to the rack or tabletop receivers for charging, or can be connected to a power supply via a built-in USB-C port.

Tabletop and rackmount systems are each available with a choice of three handheld microphones, including Shure’s legendary SM58, BETA 58A and BETA 87A models, whilst the system’s bodypacks are equipped with mini-XLR input connectors that will accept a range of input signals when paired with the appropriate adapter cables.

The guitar pedal format receivers can be easily integrated with pedalboard setups thanks to their quarter-inch TS connectivity and 9V power inputs, and helpfully, can be connected to multiple transmitters for quick and easy transitions between instruments.

A wide range of accessories are available, including various mounting hardware, spare batteries and antenna solutions, whilst larger systems consisting of up to six receivers can be managed using Shure’s GLX-D Frequency Manager unit.

“From modest concert halls and auditoriums to the largest global tours and stages — musicians, presenters, and houses of worship count on Shure wireless microphone systems to instil the confidence that their performances will be extraordinary. GLX-D+ provides an effortless setup, eliminating barriers to entry for those who want to take their first step on their wireless journey.” - Eduardo Valdes, Associate Vice President of Global Marketing, Shure

Pricing & Availability

GLX-D+ systems are available to purchase now, with pricing starting at £549.…

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