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Lewitt Audio announce Pure Tube microphone

Optimised for vocal recordings

Lewitt Pure Tube Studio Microphone

Lewitt Audio have launched the Pure Tube studio microphone. Built using hand-selected ECC82/12AU7 tubes along with a circuit design that uses no semiconductors or capacitors, Lewitt say this microphone delivers a warm and intimate sound quality with an ultra-low noise floor.

Optimised specifically for vocal recordings, the Pure Tube microphone incorporates a gold-sputtered one-inch condenser capsule powered by an innovative circuit. The makers say this design delivers unparalleled vocal depth, silky-smooth high-end, and a balanced sonic image achieved through a transformer-based filter that counteracts the proximity effect. Lewitt also report that this microphone achieves an ultra-low noise floor of only 7dB(A), this feat achieved by eliminating semiconductors and capacitors from the signal path.

The Pure Tube will be available in two versions: an Essential version including the microphone and a standard microphone clip, or as the Pure Tube Studio Set which includes additional accessories. These include a fully adjustable shock mount to absorb noise and vibrations and an acoustically transparent pop filter that attaches magnetically to the shock mount for convenience. These accessories will also be sold separately for those who wish to upgrade in the future.

Enter this SOS Competition before 30 June 2023 for your chance to win a LEWITT Audio PURE TUBE Studio Set!

The Pure Tube microphone incorporates a gold-sputtered one-inch condenser capsule.The Pure Tube microphone incorporates a gold-sputtered one-inch condenser capsule.

Price & Availability

The microphone will be available from mid-June 2023 priced at $999€999 for the Essential version and $1299€1299 for the Studio Set.

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