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DAW Remote HD wireless software controller

iPad app for hands-on wireless control of DAW functionality

Press Release: DAW Remote HD is a wireless Digital Audio Workstation software controller designed to emulate your hardware control surface. Instead of being stuck in front of your computer to compose, record, and produce music/audio, Remote HD allows the use of an iPad to control DAW functions anywhere in your studio wirelessly.

DAW Remote HD supports Logic Control Protocol, HUI protocol and Mackie Control protocol and is compatible with both Mac and Windows, and has been designed to work with most of the major DAWs. It also provides three especially optimised control surfaces for Apple Logic, AVID ProTools and Ableton Live.

DAW Remote makes use of Network MIDI with Apple Bonjour over WIFI network and Ethernet, meaning that you don't need to install any software or drivers in your Mac to enable it. For Windows users, rtpMIDI can be installed to enable MIDI Network function.

<strong>Supports most of the major DAWs: </strong>DAW Remote HD

DAW Remote HD Features:
Supports Logic Control Protocol, HUI protocol and Mackie Control protocol
Three optimized control surface layouts for Logic, Pro Tools and Live.
Cross Platform - Compatible with MAC and Windows.
Supports the new iPad Retina display.
Uses Wi-Fi to connect with host computer

Supported DAWs:
Apple Logic Pro/Express
AVID Pro Tools
Ableton Live
Steinberg Cubase
Steinberg Nuendo
FL Studio
MOTU Digital Performer
Adobe Audition
Cakewalk Sonar
… and any DAW that supports Mackie Control Protocol

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