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DIY VCF module from Erica Synths

Latest module to join the EDU DIY range

Erica Synths EDU DIY VCF Eurorack module

Erica Synths have released the EDU DIY VCF, a voltage-controlled filter Eurorack module. Supplied in kit form as part of the mki x es.EDU range of modules that Erica Synths have developed with Mortiz Klein. The module features a simple front panel equipped with input and output connections, as well as two CV inputs. A large cutoff knob occupies the top section of the panel, and is joined by four smaller controls for filter resonance, and a level control for each CV input.

As with the other devices in the range, the EDU DIY VCF comes with an extensive user manual. In addition to providing a step-by-step guide of how to assemble the module, this document also gives a detailed explanation of the electronic components used as well as the fundamental principles of sound synthesis.

In the video below, Moritz Klein talks through the module's features and demonstrates its abilities. 

The EDU DIY VCF is available now, priced at 70 Euros$84.

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