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East West offer group buy savings

Get up to 50 percent off Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition
East West and UK distributors Arbiter Group are offering a 'group buy' on East West/Quantum Leap's Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition.
The offer will run from the 22nd of February until the 22nd of March. If enough people buy the Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition sample library from any one of the participating retailers (listed below) during that time they'll all receive a discount of up to 50 percent!
The library normally costs £649.99. If 20 people join the group buy, they'll get 20 percent off; if 21 to 40 join, they'll get 30 percent off; if 61 or more join, they'll get the full 50 percent off.
Here's how it works. In order to join the group buy, it's necessary to pay an entry fee of £325, which is the minimum amount the product will cost. If a total 61 buyers or more is reached, no additional payment will be required. If this figure is not reached by the 22nd of March, the final payment of the difference between the entry fee and final price will be required. Both the entry fee and final payment constitute a purchase, and there will be no refunds.
Participating dealers are as follows:
• Digital Village - 020 8440 3440/
• Dolphin Music - 0870 840 9060/
• Turnkey - 020 7419 9999/
• Andertons Music - 01483 456733/
• Absolute Music Solutions - 0845 025 5555/
• Imuso - 020 8481 9610/
• Rose Morris - 020 7836 0991/
• Millennium Music - 0115 955 2200/
It doesn't matter where you buy the library from -- all purchases count as part of the same group buy. After the offer period starts on the 22nd of February, Arbiter will be displaying a running total of how many people have joined the group on their web site,

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