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Highly collectible SOS merchandise

No studio should be without these beauties!

SOS unveils first-ever branded Mousemat and Universal Beverage Dispenser 
Stand out from the crowd, show your friends you are serious about recording — get yourself one of these unique (not available in any shop) universal beverage dispensers (aka Mug) and be even more respected by your peers.
Well what else can you write about a Mug!? It's cylindrical, made of white ceramic with a nice red and black SOS logo on it... it's got a nice-sized handle that'll be just dandy for lifting the mug closer to your lips... it's dual function... (ie. it will hold both hot and cold liquids)
Our equally stunning Mousemat will brighten up the dullest, most lacklustre of desktops whilst reminding you how to get to our website, or how to phone us, should you ever forget! Made from that rubbery neoprene stuff, it's got a nice white surface so that mouse-droppings stand out a mile, allowing you to keep your rodent's playground free from unwanted things (just wipe over occasionally with a damp cloth).
Both items are available now exclusively through the SOS Online Shop, priced at only £5 GBP each plus Postage+Packing.
Can you live without them? Probably! But it'll make Paul White happy to see you drinking out of one of our official mugs if he ever turns up at your house to do a Studio SOS feature, and rumour has it that chocolate hob-nobs dissolve at a slower rate when immersed in coffee (or tea) held in one of these truly unique universal beverage dispensers.

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