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EastWest drops Composer Cloud price to $29.99/mo.

Permanent price-drop puts 50 products worth $11,000 in your hands

High-quality virtual instrument makers EastWest made a huge announcement only a few months ago with their Composer Cloud model of subscription payment for their instruments. Now, because they’ve had such a huge response, the company now qualifies for large volume discounts from Amazon’s download service, and they’ve decided to pass those savings on to their customers. 

Their new pricing structure is very compelling, indeed. The Complete Plan is $29.99/€26.99 per month for all 50 products in Composer Cloud. That means access to over 9000 world-class virtual instruments worth upwards of $11,000. Subscribers currently paying $49.99 a month will have their rate cut by 40%. People on the $29.99 7 product plan will be given the Complete Plan with all products. 

What’s more, all the month-to-month plans are being dropped, meaning any Composer Cloud member will be able to stop and start their memberships as they wish without any penalties. The student plans will remain the same: $14.99 for 7 products while current EastWest customers that took advantage of the early access deal will not see their rate go up next year. 

EastWest will also introduce a free one-month trial for anyone to test drive four of the 50 Composer Cloud products, including two of their most popular libraries, Hollywood Strings and Joe Chiccarelli's volume of ProDrummer.

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