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ElectroVoice RE320 now shipping

Dynamic mic with “dual personality”

ElectroVoice have released a new mic, called the RE320. A dynamic model, the RE320 apparently benefits from “many key features” of perhaps EV’s most widely known mic, the RE20. It has a similar venting system in place to minimise the proximity effect, and it incorporates the same humbucking voice coil principle as the RE20 to reduce noise.<strong>ElectroVoice RE320</strong>

More intriguing, however, is the switch on the side of the mic. Knowing how popular the RE20 has become for use on kick drums, EV have fitted the RE320 with what they call a “dual-personality” switch. This selects between two different mic tonalities; one fairly neutral one, for voices and instruments, and one that has been designed for use with bass drums. The latter position apparently provides “peaks and dips exactly where bass drums need attention”.

Available now, the EV RE320 carries an RRP of £499.

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