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Focusrite Group CEO Tim Carroll named President of MIDI Association

"Creating MIDI’s next expressive, musical, and creative chapters.”

Tim Carroll, Focusrite Group CEO and MIDI Association president.Tim Carroll, Focusrite Group CEO and MIDI Association president.We've got some exciting news to share with you straight from the heart of Los Angeles. The MIDI Association, an influential non-profit trade organisation that's all about enhancing MIDI technology for artists and musicians globally, has just announced their new president — Tim Carroll, the CEO of Focusrite Group.

Carroll will be at the helm for a two-year term, a decision that was made by the association's executive board. This comes at a key moment in the MIDI Association's history, as MIDI technology has recently evolved from MIDI 1.0 to the much-anticipated MIDI 2.0. With this new version just starting to appear in products and software, it's an exciting time for everyone involved in the music products and related industries.

The appointment of Carroll, a respected figure in the industry and CEO of Focusrite Group, is expected to be met with wide approval from both the Association membership and the wider industry. Focusrite Group is home to iconic synthesizer brands like Sequential and Oberheim, as well as MIDI controller and synth company Novation. Sequential founder Dave Smith, who played a key role in the creation of MIDI and introduced the first-ever synthesizer with a MIDI port 51 years ago, has left a legacy that Carroll and Focusrite Group are committed to preserving and enhancing.

The MIDI Association isn't just about managing MIDI for manufacturers and developers. They're also passionate about MIDI innovation, music education, and music and wellness. Carroll will be providing strategic insights into these areas as the Association starts to distribute grants from the MIDI Fund, managed by the NAMM Foundation.

Carroll expressed his enthusiasm about his new role, stating, "This is a critical inflection point in the MIDI Association’s history. As an industry, we’ve only begun to realise the potential of MIDI 2.0, and I’m excited to work with the MIDI Association board and all its members to create MIDI’s next expressive, musical, and creative chapters.”

Stay tuned for more updates as we follow Carroll's journey leading the MIDI Association into its exciting new era!

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