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Frankfurt 2009: Adam SX Series (Video)

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German loudspeaker manufacturers Adam have overhauled their S-series, replacing the S1, S2, S3 and S4 active monitors with X-suffixed models.

All the new products feature a more efficient tweeter, called X-ART, which apparently is capable of providing a maximum SPL that’s 3dB higher than that of its predecessor, and reproducing signals up to 50kHz (the old S-series rolled off at around 35kHz). Also, the S2X, S3X and S4X feature new amplifier and tone-control circuitry, which includes what Adam unofficially refer to as a “fun knob”, for tuning and boosting the low end of the monitors!

As part of the SX-series release, Adam have made some other changes to their speakers. Firstly, the S3X has four separate drivers, as opposed to the three found on the original S3. There’s the same pair of seven-inch woofers, but also a dedicated mid-range driver, plus the X-ART tweeter.

Adam say that the SX version of the speaker has a much tighter low end, thanks to the two seven-inch drivers being dedicated to bass-reproduction instead of each handling either low or mid frequencies. Also introduced are vertical (‘V’) versions of the old S3 and S4: called S3XV (pictured right) and SX4V. These both provide an alternative mounting option from the horizontally mounted monitors, but also a slightly different sound, due to different arrangements of drivers.

For full details on all the new monitors, check out the Adam Audio web site.

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