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Frankfurt 2009: Akai Miniak (Video)

Virtual Analogue Synthesizer
Akai announed a new product at Musikmesse called Miniak, a virtual analogue hardware synth.

It’s a small and simple-looking device, with a 25-note keyboard and a strip of controls, including a pitch-bend wheel and two modulation wheels. A further three ‘soft’ knobs, marked X, Y and Z, provide control over context-sensitive parameters.

Over 600 presets help the Miniak user get started straight away, although sounds can be edited and stored on the synth's on-board memory. The synth engine itself is capable of producing eight voices, each with three oscillators, and there are two filters, three envelope generators, two LFOs and a number of effects for tweaking sounds. In addition, there’s a 40-band vocoder complete with gooseneck microphone, for vocal effects.

The Miniak is expected to have a UK street price of around £500 including VAT.

Akai Professional +44 (0)1252 341400

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