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FSS - STUMM & MAKROW - Superbooth 2019

Video report

Future Sound Systems showed off the first fruits of their collaboration with Mute Records' Daniel Miller - STUMM and MAKROW modules.

STUMM is a six-channel bank of mutes with grouping functionality. Each individual mute switch offers toggle and momentary click-less muting, and is also assignable to belong to group A, B or neither group. LEDs indicate when audio is being passed through and the audio signal itself runs through AC-coupled discrete VCAs. Expect several expander modules to be announced in the near future, allowing for variable fade times, deeper control of each VCA and slope outputs from each mute switch.

MAKROW is designed to behave as a patch macro-controller, giving 6 outputs from a single bias voltage, controllable using the large dial at the top of the panel. External signals can also be summed to this bias voltage using the CV input. MAKROW allows for massive sounding patch changes, all at the turn of a single knob.

Both MAKROW and STUMM will be available August 2019.

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