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Gig Performer 4.0 released

Live VST host gets major update

Deskew Technologies Gig Performer 4.0

Gig Performer is a streamlined, CPU-friendly VST instrument and plug-in host designed for live performance, and its developers Deskew Technologies have just given it a major update. Gig Performer 4.0 adds a host of new features, including enhanced visuals and MIDI functionality.

The key improvement, according to its makers, is a new Global Rackspace. Previously, each song in your setlist would have its own Rackspace, for loading and ordering your VST instrument and effect plug-ins. Those song-specific Rackspaces remain, but it's now also possible to keep VSTs permanently loaded throughout your entire set. So guitarists, for example, can keep a common virtual amp and cabinet setup throughout a gig using the Global Rackspace, and have song-specific effects in their song Rackspaces. Furthermore, the Global Rackspace is bi-directional, so you can route audio freely between it and your song Rackspaces — making it ideal for send/return effects.

The Rackspaces in v4 are also zoomable and scrollable, so you can better keep track of your routing, and you can even save combinations of instruments/effects, with their routing, for use in new projects or Rackspaces.

On the MIDI side of things, a new MIDI File Player can store up to 128 songs, playing them back either at Gig Performer's global tempo (and thus keeping your delays and other effects in tempo), or according to a tap-tempo input (to which your time-based VST effects will also sync). The MIDI input module has also been overhauled, and now features a real-time data display, adjustable note velocity curves, keyboard tracking, and more. GP4 even sports an Elektron-style Probabilistic Sound Designer engine, which applies randomisation to your parameters within a defined range.

Gig Performer 4 offers much more than there's space to write about here (for full details check out the URL below), but you can explore all its features for yourself thanks to a free 14-day trial programme. It's available now for Mac and PC, priced at $199. Upgrade paths are available for owners of previous versions.

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