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Gig Performer updated

New features, improvements and bug fixes

Deskew Technologies Gig Performer 4.0

Deskew Technologies have announced an update to Gig Performer. Version 4.5 brings a vast array of new features, improvements and bug fixes to the live performance software.

Recording capabilities have been expanded, with the system now supporting stereo file recording from both inputs and outputs, and there is also the option to export just the project’s audio settings to allow easier management of multiple audio configurations. Widgets can now be hidden when not in edit mode, and have seen support added for different MIDI CC modes as well as MIDI Thru functionality. Some widget operations are now available outside of edit mode by holding down shift whilst clicking on a widget, such as scaling options, opening the associated plug-in editor and quick access to the widget inspector.

In addition to new functionality, interface and workflow improvements have been made. Users are able to change the font size of rackspace, variation song and song part names, and changes have been made to the plug-in manager to help prevent the accidental removal of plug-ins.

A full features and improvements list is available on the Gig Performer website, along with an updated user manual.

Gig Performer 4.5.8 is available now for download, and is free to all Deskew Technologies V4 licence holders.

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