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Tascam Mixcast 4 firmware v1.30 update

New features coming in late July 2022

Tascam Mixcast 4 Firmware update

Tascam have announced an upcoming firmware update for the Mixcast 4 podcast workstation (reviewed in SOS June 2022). Set for release later this month (July), the manufacturer says that the update "will provide a significant boost to the device’s feature set".

Version 1.30 of the Mixcast 4’s firmware will introduce individual level adjustment for each of the units eight sound pads, allowing users to take complete control of the overall mix of the audio assigned to the pads. Another useful addition, particularly for those using the device for live streaming and recording, is the ability to switch between sound pad banks whilst recording. The Mixcast 4’s eight sound pads feature eight banks which allow a total of 64 sounds to be stored on the device, and these can now be switched whilst in record mode for access to all 64 sounds during recording.

Sound pad sources also benefit from the addition of a normalise function, enabling audio assigned to the pads to be automatically set to an optimum level; Tascam say that this will be particularly useful for those using the Mixcast 4 for live event production. Talkback functionality has also been improved, with its output now available to the USB, Bluetooth and TRRS connections, having previously been limited to the device’s four headphones outputs.

The Mixcast 4 v1.30 firmware update is expected to become available on the product’s download page in late July 2022.

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