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Digitakt sampling groovebox gets major update

Elektron release firmware version 1.30

Elektron Digitakt

Elektron's popular sampling groovebox, the Digitakt, has just been given a major update. Version 1.30 adds some significant sound-mangling options, including a second LFO (just as comprehensive as the first, and with the ability to cross-modulate between the two), an extended pitch range (now reaching a full three octaves lower than before), and a proper stereo channel in its internal mixer, for mixing and processing external stereo sources.

The multimode filter has also been given an overhaul, and now includes EQ-like filter curves in addition to the usual high/low/band-pass types, as well as the 'base width' filter first seen on the Digitone (a sort of band-pass type, but with greater control over the pass-band's upper and lower limits). Naturally, all these new filter parameters can be wobbled about using either of the two LFOs.

Other improvements include a more detailed UI (you can now see the LFO shapes, as well as their phase, displayed on screen), individual track resampling, generic performance improvements, and more.

When SOS first reviewed the Digitakt back in 2017, we were hugely impressed — but occasionally disappointed with some of its operational niggles. We commend Elektron for their commitment to this potential powerhouse production station (and its companion software Overbridge), so if you were put off it by some of the earlier reviews, it may well be time to think again.

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