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GIK Screen Panel

Standing up for better room acoustics
The Screen Panel is a simple but clever new product from American acoustic treatment experts GIK. It’s a folding screen that stands six feet tall and can be positioned in a number of ways. As a free-standing panel, it can be used to separate vocalists from guitarists, say, during a ‘live’ recording, or placed behind a singer to reduce the amount of room ambience reaching the mic. Half-folded into a ‘V’-shape and placed by the walls of a control room, it can help to tame low frequencies and reflections. When folded completely in half and placed into a corner, as in the picture, it acts as a tall bass trap (it’s 32 inches wide and seven inches thick when folded).

Two ranges of fabric coverings are available, each with a number of colour options. The standard range starts at $299 per panel. Currently, the Screen Panel is only available to customers in North America, although the manufacturers hope to add it to their UK-based European portfolio in the future.

GIK Acoustics UK +44 (0)207 558 8976

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