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Hollow Sun synthesize space

Free instrument pack and 'Sounds of the Universe' released

Hollow Sun Sounds of the UniverseHollow Sun Sounds of the UniverseHollow Sun, makers of virtual instruments, have released two new products. The first is an update of their free Kontakt instrument library which includes sampled PolyMoog voices, Ensoniq SQ80 strings, Buddhist instruments, Speak & Spell and a Novation BassStation. 

The second is a new sound design instrument or 'texture synthesizer' called 'Sounds of the Universe'. This Kontakt instrument aims to recreate the sounds of space, as captured by NASA probes, using modular synthesizers.

Each sound in the SOTU instrument features up to four channels of audio: a low frequency element, some mid range content, then a combination of high frequency blips, beeps, chatter, crackle or swirling sounds.

Although the interface lettering looks alien, controls includes level, pan, tuning, simple low and high pass filters and an amplitude LFO.

SOTU only costs £15 and audio examples can be heard at the Hollow Sun website.

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