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Sample Logic blows the DAWs off

Assault Kontakt instruments for sound design

Sample Logic Assault screenshotSample Logic Assault screenshotAre you looking for an extensive library of explosive military sound effects without the danger of serious injury?

Sample Logic could have the answer. Their new Kontakt instrument suite, Assault, comprises over 850 instruments and multis including flame throwers, smashing glass, hand guns, rifles and (ahem) monstrous pipes.

Recorded with the help of sound design veteran, Rick Allen, this new suite is compatible with Native Instruments' free Kontakt Player and also boasts real instrument sounds such as bells, chimes and traditional percussive instruments. 

Instruments are organised into several categories including arpeggiated, combos, impacts, interrupters, reverses, rises-falls, scrapes, sweeps and quick kits. Sample Logic are rather proud of their 'mulit script macro' feature which allows six macro knobs to be assigned to any combination of instrument parameters within a multi.

Although Assault launches officially on February 25th with a MSRP of $299, there is a discount for pre-orders bringing the cost down to $199. For more information, see the Sample Logic website.

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