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Hush Pro dialogue repair plug-in released

Powered by Apple's Neural Engine

Hush Pro Mix Split dialogue speech noise suppression removal plug-in Pro Tools AAX AudioSuite

Independent developer Ian Sampson has announced the release of Hush Pro, an AudioSuite plug-in that removes noise and room reflections from speech recordings. Building on the features found in his standalone Hush application, the latest offering is said to offer even cleaner audio, especially on recordings that contain a lot of outdoor ambience or have been captured in highly reflective rooms.

Hush Pro Mix Split dialogue speech noise suppression removal plug-in Pro Tools AAX AudioSuiteThe Hush Mix GUI provides independent level control over voice, reverb and noise.The plug-in is powered by the onboard GPU and Neural Engine found in Apple Silicon processors, and uses machine learning to separate clean dialogue from room reflections, ambient noise and intrusive transient sounds such as chirping birds or honking horns! The processing is carried out quickly without the need to sample noise or adjust complex parameters, and adapts to the level of noise in a recording in order to deliver the most natural results.

Hush Pro comes supplied in two versions: Hush Mix, and Hush Split. The first provides users with a mixer-style GUI, with three faders allowing them to adjust the level of voice, reverb and noise as if they were separate channels, as well as muting or soloing them to monitor their content or make A/B comparisons. The second then uses the plug-in’s engine to split the source audio and route it to three separate files, making it possible to adjust the volume of each using Clip Gain, or carry out non-destructive edits. It also provides a quick and simple way of isolating a section of room tone for use elsewhere in the session.

The plug-in has been in beta testing for the past three months, and has become a mainstay in a number of post-production studios around the world, garnering positive feedback from a number of professional users.

All I can say is wow. The algorithm for isolating dialogue is better than all the other plug-ins I tested alongside it. I’m using Hush Pro on a feature film right now and it saved us from having to ADR an entire scene with the lead actor. This plug-in is pure magic. - Jason Freeman, Dialogue Editor - ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’, ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’

Hush Pro has become essential to my workflow. Its ability to achieve clarity while retaining the original intent of the track is unmatched. I’ve found it has a wide sweet spot and yields pretty amazing results on a variety of content. - Josh Berger, Re-Recording Mixer - ‘No Hard Feelings’, ‘King Richard’


Hush Pro requires an Apple Silicon-powered Mac (M1 or M2) running macOS 12 or 13. As it has been built from the ground up as an AudioSuite plug-in, it is currently only compatible with Pro Tools, although the developer hopes to add other plug-in versions in the future.

Pricing & Availability

Hush Pro is available now, priced at $249. Users who purchased the original app can upgrade for $179. A fully functional 21-day trial version is also available.

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