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IK Multimedia introduce iRig Stream Mic USB

Combines a USB mic with line-level and loopback inputs

IK Multimedia iRig Stream Mic Pro streaming podcast USB microphone loopback external aux input

IK Multimedia’s latest release makes many of the features found in their popular iRig Stream Mic Pro available at a lower price point. The new iRig Stream Mic USB combines a high-quality capacitor mic with a 16-bit/48kHz USB audio interface, offering a compact all-in-one solution for content creators on the go.

The design employs a half-inch gold-sputtered capsule and features a cardioid pickup pattern, and includes a built-in switchable high-pass filter to help tackle unwanted low-frequency rumble and noise. In addition to the mic signal, the iRig Stream Mic USB is capable of accepting a stereo line-level input via a 3.5mm mini-jack, and will combine both signals into a single stereo track which is made available to the host device via a USB-C connector. Helpfully, it also boasts a loopback feature to allow audio sources from a computer to be mixed in with the mix output. A second 3.5mm mini-jack socket then provides a headphone output for monitoring purposes.

Despite its compact design, there’s plenty of hands-on control provided. A large central encoder on the front of the device offers a main level control, and is surrounded by an LED level meter, as well as a microphone mute button. The right-hand side panel then houses a trio of dials that control headphone level, mic gain and a balance between the mic and incoming audio signals for the headphone output. Over on the left side, a pair of switches make it possible to toggle the high-pass filter and loopback functions.

iRig Stream Mic USB will work with any application that records or streams audio or video, and comes supplied with the company’s iRig Recorder 3 LE, an easy-to-use audio and video recording application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Users will also benefit from MixBox CS for iPad and MixBox SE for Mac and PC, which offer a suite of processing tools including dynamics, reverb, EQ and more.

Pricing & Availability

The iRig Stream Mic USB is available now, priced at $99.99.

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